Wednesday, 25 November 2015


After a full of day of work in drizzly London I was in need of a pamper sess and a reason to sit down. Luckily my day was due to conclude with a Golddigga beauty event at Centini Blowdry Bar in Fulham Broadway - a destination I hear Cat Deeley is known to get a hair boost. 

You will have seen some Golddigga on my blog before. I took a fair few items from their summer range with me for my dream holiday in Santorini - a wonderful black kimono, a  neon strappy top and high waisted bikini.  This event was in celebration of their A/W range and I was excited to see what they had on offer. I'm trying not to spend money on myself with Christmas looming ever closer, but being very affordable, I figured if I did end up making a purchase it won't be too awful a slip. 

While we were there we were invited to get a manicure and a get our hair done. My mane was looking a tad sorry for itself after a day of sweating on the tube, then frizzing out in the cold damp weather. Brand ambassador Ashley Roberts was in attendance too wearing one of the brands adorable print dresses.

I took a few snaps of the event - so have a scroll!!

I met the lovely Anna Lorena at the event. We discussed the difficulties of juggling all our working. I know at times it all looks very glam, but it really is harder than it looks. Such a joy to meet likeminded people at events like this. You can check out her blog here

The stylists used these Mr Bubble tongs to create all of our curls. Quite impressed at how quick and easy it appeared to be. I wonder if I'd be able to do it on my own? The curls are still in after sleeping on them so that's pretty good!

I didn't know whether the Propercorn was just for display purposes or not, but after an hour or so of resisting temptation I had to tuck in. If you haven't tried the Sweet and Salty flavour,  I urge you to rectify that immediately. I encouraged some of the other bloggers to open a bag so I didn't feel so bad about scoffing away. Within minutes a gaggle of us were chucking them at our mouths - we came to conclusion that it's very hard to eat popcorn in a ladylike manner. 

A video will be going live soon - which will tell you what was in the generous goodie bag

Look how pretty to catering was!

One of the other attendees getting there braid and curls done. 

I had to dash off but rumour has it that some MIC cast members were in attendance, while I was there Talia storm joined in the party, sporting her trademark crimped hair, as well as many cool bloggers and models.

Lovely to meet these two ladies. We bonded over our likes/dislikes when it comes to food. The lady you see diving into the sushi plate had just confessed to me that she too is not a fan of sushi/raw fish. I wanted to capture the moment she decided to to give one of them a go. Out of courtesy to her I  did not include the reaction shot. It is safe to say she has not been converted. I was assured by the sushi lovers in attendance that the offerings were very yummy though! They looked amazing....I really wish I was into it.

Time for a quick photocall with face of the brand, ex pussycat doll, singer and TV personality Ashley Roberts. She was joined by some models all showcasing items from the new A/W collection by Golddigga - I got my eyes on that white coat!

Here's a close up of my manicure done by the lovely Maria Mckenna ( @mariamakeupartist). She actually works as a make up artist but she did a great job on my Barry M baby pink nails. In hindsight I worried that I hadn't chosen a very A/W hue, but she thought it was a great shade to nail 9get it...nail) that 60's look.We had a good old natter about Gogglebox and First Dates. In my opinion First Dates is one of the best shows on TV, what do you guys think?

Here's a close up of the braid look they gave me, inspired by a look Perrie from Little Mix has sported on numerous occasions. I can't do anythinng aside from a straightforward braid, so I always marvel at the skills of those who can do things like this! I slept with it in hoping I could make it last another far so good! It's very annoying when you go to an event and get all done up and have no-one to show it to...I guess that's what a selfie and Instagram is for eh?!

Check out the latest offerings by Golddigga
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Sunday, 22 November 2015


As you guys know, from my numerous feeling sorry for myself tweets, that I've been poorly the last week or so. Yesterday was the first day I felt pepped up enough to venture out of the house for a substantial amount - thank you Night Nurse!!
I always think a walk can be rather restoritive, and we'll always told getting fresh air can do the world of good. Si and I got dressed, something which I haven't bothered to do for the last 7 days, and decided to go for a walk at a lovely spot a 15 minute drive away. 

As soon as we opened the front door we felt out cheeks contract from the impact of the chilled air. My god it was bitter. But I thought with my favourite vintage coat I'd be sorted, so quickly settled into the car and popped the seat heater on - which is my new favourite thing. 

Once we got to our destination and out in the open country space we soon realised we were not approproately wrapped up to withstand the wrath of the day's weather. 

My coat didn't do up, I had worn a thin cashmere All Saints dress (with no vest) and went for semi opaque tights. Foolish...very foolish. 

Si was struggling too, but was a tad smug about having the foresight to bring his Liverpool gloves, which were a present from me. The fact he had gloves because of me made me more aggrevated if I'm honest. I felt like it woudn't be long before you could snap my fingers off and use them as a chilled stirer for  a cocktail.

As my eyes started to stream it reminded me of those early morning walks to school - there wasn't much warmth given from those white shirts and cheap blazers. 

Due to the fact that I feel I've been a bit slack on the work front this last week I felt I needed to use this time out of the house to do something productive. This is one of the most annoying things about being a blogger/YouTuber. You always think you should be documenting everything you do, rather than just living and enjoying the moment and switching off. You get a very specific guilt if you've had a nice day but haven't recorded it in a way you can tell/show people that. We must be very annoying people to go out with.

So I thought I should do an outfit post, even though my outfit was fairly disjointed and boring. I hopeD the scenery would make it a worthwhile post even if it lacked real style credentials. This was not as easy as you'd think. Neither of us could see whether the camera was in focus as are eyes were constantly battle being pooled up with droplets. Our hands got numb to the point they weren't functioning and couldn't work the touchscreen or buttons. We also started to get ratty with one another if it took us a while to achieve an acceptable pose, because we were so cold and just wanted it to be over. My already awkward photo face became more so with each face being too easily translated as 'f*** me its cold".

You'll see in some pictures I have on one glove, Si was happy to temporarily part with one of his gloves in the later stages of our walk! You'll also spot the odd tear....
What I wanted to say, in an era when us social media people are being more open, is that it isn't glamorous, cool, or effortless. To even achieve the height of outfit post mediocrity that I have, it was a bloody cold pain in my arse, and most other body parts.

I think this look has a retro 60/70's vibe to it, a trend which I'm digging at the moment. What do you think? 

Beyond Retro Coat
All Saints Dress
Golddigga Sunglasses 
Topshop Boots

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