Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Achieve Pop Star Tresses...

How adorable does Birthday gal Jessie J look here.... I won't go into the merits of the humble dungaree now ( I have had heated discussions with male colleagues about dungarees, they detest the things!)... but I will comment on her new do.

I have admired her impossible shiny blunt fringed bob, knowing I'd never be able to copy the look unless I invest in a quality wig.... That said, with the vast amount of appearances on stage and TV of late Jessies hairstyle could have been labeled predictable, so I was pleased to see her sleek new look this week.

If you want to copy her style and don't have the length of hair to achieve it naturally you can fake it with the Love Hair Extensions Clip in Ponytail in Alice or Silky Sue £30.99 each.

Available in 16 different colours ways enabling you to find the perfect colour match, each style is available in either drawstring with comb pins or crocodile clips for easy application. Every pack also includes an easy to use step-by-step guide to help you get the look.... an essential addition for someone as cack handed as myself !

Head to www.lovehairextensions.com for the perfect A List up do without the hairdressing skills of a professional!


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