Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pink Mist

I am a complete scaredy cat when it comes to anything hair related. That said I am completely in love with the pink hues that the likes of Fearne Cotton, Katy Perry, Diane Agron etc are daring to dye. I even liked Rachel Mcadams unexpected punky streaks a few years back despite the fashion packs ridicule. But let's face it I was never going to take the leap and actually let pink dye touch my tresses, so I opted for the stress free option of clip in streaks. Depending on the style, the colour, the ensemble they are teamed with, coloured extensions have the ability to give you an edge, make you look otherworldly or extreme, look candy cute.... or in the worse case extremely chavvy and cheap (these are the words of my dear 'honest' mother)...
Despite the bad review I enjoyed my temporary transformation... would you give it a go?

I used 4 sets (featuring 2 clip ins) of Baby Pink Premium synthetic fire



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