Monday, 28 February 2011

The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2011

One of the male models sporting a cheeky Trekstock T-shirt

Videos of the night ... coming soon.!

Last night I arrived home after an epic 8 hour train journey from Leuchers in Scotland. The first hour I had found myself forced to stand and sandwiched between rowdy rugby supporters with the lovely whiff of the train toilet helping to make the experience even more pleasurable ( I know it can be hard to sense tone in text but please detect my intense sarcasm here). After a hellish hour with the hangover drum relentlessly banging the hoards departed the train and I was able to crawl to a seat.

I then had time to reflect on the night before, my morning grumpiness elevated instantly.... what a cracking night the team put on at St Andrews.

Some of you may have heard of the event due to the fact that our future Queen Katherine Middleton once participated as a model in a show while studying at the University. It has been reported that Will first spotted her beauty when she strutted her stuff on the catwalk..... thus the event has become a place of romantic legend.

This year the nominated charity would be Trekstock.Regular readers of this blog will have heard about this particular charity numerous times through the tremendous fashion/music events that their founder and director Sophie Epstone has put on.Via these creative industries they engage with the public, raising awareness and funds for cancers affecting young people.

Wearing my fave Olivia Rubin dress to fit in with the colour theme of the dress code

A scene from my table at the catwalk venue

The winning designs...

I had left my home in Surrey at 7am to make it to Leuchers with just enough time to get my bearings and freshen up before heading to the Lower College Hall. The impressive building would play host to the champagne reception where we would see the first ever winner of the Alfa Romeo Young Designer Award crowned. Attendees included judges Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux of PPQ( who was sporting extremely cool vibrant red hair) and Alex, the stunning former winner of Britains Next Top Model.

Once announced and I had time to say a quick hello to Kitty (aka Style Slicker),who looked resplendent in a structured peach dress, before tottering tentatively over the cobbles for a superhero-quick change of attire.

So in my pink and white Olivia Rubin dress I made it just in time to jump in the last courtesy car that would take me to the huge marquee containing the reveling students, VIPS and an undoubtedly manic catwalk backstage .

The lovely Jess from the St Andrews Press team maintained her role as the perfect host, making sure myself and the other journalists including some lovely ladies from Tatler and Scotlands No.1 magazine were seated and refreshed with champagne a-plenty.

After a little wait and a subtle parouse of the generous goodie bag the show kicked off, the DJ's pumping beats signaling the beginning of what would be an impressive and varied display of fashion...

Alongside the student designs some of my personal favourite designers had garments grace the catwalk including the aforementioned PPQ, William Tempest and DAGMAR.

Once the catwalk show was over it was time for a spend fest with the auction that would see the students and guests bidding on an array of desirable lots including a Take That song-sheet ( something I would secretly love to own).

After a jaw dropping amount of cash was donated to the worthy cause the party quickly shifted to the 'party' tent where DJ Sebastian Drums was dropping tune after tune for the now quite 'festive' crowd. After a good few hours of boogying with my new friends I left to scoff some St Andrews Curry and Chips ( classy huh) before heading home to bed.

The amount of work that must have gone into putting on a show of such quality and size is absolutely mind blowing and the whole team deserve a massive pat on the back and a well earned rest!!

Thanks to Jamie for the kind invite and a massive congratulations to all involved!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Schon- More Future Please - Magazine Launch Party

Last Sunday Ed and I headed to the Gore Hotel for a Schon Issue Launch....the guest list featured an array of extremely stylish people.... and us!

Here are a few snaps from the event...

Yasmin on the decks before she headed to the Mulberry Party
Wearing some amazing print trousers from Topshop Unique.. you can buy online now
Edward and I in matching grey for the event
If you haven't flicked through the magazine before make sure you rectify this pronto... you'll be hard pushed to find more stunning editorial.... a great showcase for worldwide creative talent.


My Fashion week was rather diluted this time round... juggling four jobs meant I was unable to take out a hope week to immerse myself in the jam packed catwalk schedule. However, I did manage to get to one menswear show at Freemasons Hall and that was Korean designer DG Nak. I picked wisely... this week would turn out to be musical legend week, where I would find myself sharing a room with many of my heroes.... Maintaining some cool was the aim.... I managed to remain nonchalant with Weller, unfortunately the same can't be said for Grohl... Sorry, I digress, now back to fashion...

The models, including Pauls Son, all fitted under the following adjectives... waify, geek, androgynous... none of the hunky, musclebound types and this was matched perfectly by the designs. Their were large rucksacks pulled close to the back in cherry red which intentionally jarred against navy coats. There were exaggerated Duffle coats and Sherlock Holmes inspired coats.... mustard was also a key colour, something that Paul Weller had already cottoned onto with his chosen attire of cable knit jumper.

Video of complete show coming soon......

Paul Weller and family taking in the finale.... yes that is me sitting behind trying not to stare at the mod legend
The usual chaos before a show...
Some examples of front row fashion...
My favourite look from the show.... a Sherlock holes style cape trench... fantastic tailoring and yes the back of Paul Wellers Silver mane.
An example of the geek chic sported on DG NAKS catwalk.... duffle coat with bright lining
Mustard was a theme throughout


Virgin Trains Bloggers Challenge

As I start my epic 8 hour journey back from St Andrews I thought now would be the ideal time to tell you all about the challenge I have been set by Virgin Trains. They are handing over 250 smackeroonies which I can spend how I like as long as it incorporates a Virgin Trains journey.
The challenge part being that I spend no more than the allocated money on my trip and try and nab as many deals, bargains, freebies as I can to ensure it is a fun but thrifty escapade.

I thought it would be more fun to bring a friend so I am making it a Cheer Up Clothing morale boosting trip and bringing my 'boss' Ed along for the ride. As my other job away from the fashion industry is as a music journalist I thought it would be only right to incorporate a gig or musical event into the trip.... so we are currently scouting gig websites to see who's playing when and where so we can decide on a date and city to splash our cash at.

At the moment it's looking like Manchester but I will keep you posted.... expect lots of photos and piccies of us on our Virgin Adventure....


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Stormtroopers in Stilettos Launch Night

As a child the bladder testing car journeys to my grandparents in Leicester and Weymouth were made bareable by the sounds of Queen. Their Greatest Hits tape was my favourite among my Dads other travel soundtracks which included Sting, George Micheal and Bette Midler. 'Under Pressure' which featured one of my other loves, David Bowie, became a firm favourite and is still a song that causes me to sing at the top of my lungs whatever the situation or location... and however appropriate. I can clearly recall the sad day that Freddie passed , I remember being so utterly shocked and running to my parents to tell them the news while shedding a tear... I didn't know much about the man himself but it was one of the first celebrity deaths that really affected me, I guess for a lot of people his music, heartfelt lyrics and unrivalled showmanship had touched their lives more than they had realized.

So as a Queen fan you can imagine I was cockahoop to be invited to the launch night of the exhibition. I attended with Edward and Matt for a good night of Cheer Up Clothing bonding and hoped to catch up with a lot of familiar faces from the industry including the lovely Purple PR Team. To get to the Truman Brewery we faced a challenge of avoiding the temptation of curry houses the laced the route to the venue.... we passed unscathed and eventually arrived to a see of faces staring at red carpet which was being patrolled by various statuesque females (men in drag to be exact). After a short wait we were ushered in and handed a glass of champagne before pa-rousing the extensive exhibition. I don't wish to tell you too much, in terms of what is featured in the exhibition, as part of the joy for me was discovering new things, potentially life shifting moments in the bands history.... and the catalogue of stressful and funny tour anecdotes....
what I will say is that the show is extremely well put together, with enough contemporary methods to hook in the young visitors (the footage which can be viewed with earphones and 3D glasses) but keeping it simple in other instances when a quote blown up on a wall can be powerful enough statement.

I would encourage all Queen fans to visit but also music enthusiasts... to be honest I challenge anyone not to be moved or taken in by the display... how can you deny the importance of Queen in terms of musical'd be hard pushed to find a band that could enthrall a whole stadium like they could....

I found some of the inclusions quite emotional and I hear that Brian May and Roger Taylor were taken back by the some of things that they had been reminded of via the show. In the haze of decades on tour I can imagine some memories had been filed away or previously touched on from a different perspective..

So after we had looked round, although I could have spent a whole day looking at everything, we headed to the party room to mingle with other guests and enjoy the celebration aspect to the evening. The photos below detail the events from the night.... the rest I'd rather keep to myself... let's just say I was not feeling too fresh the next day!

Excited about the night ahead...
What handsome boys....

One of the legendary catsuits!
Strutting his stuff in the way only Freddie could....

Thank god it worked!
The menu which turned out to be lethal...
Ed comparing nail varnish with Jessie J.... standard
This is me looking a bit lost before chatting to my idol, the one and only Dave Grohl, thankfully he lived up to his reputation of nicest man in rock... phew no dream crushing this time.
Ed had spotted something scary coming this way... Matt and I are happy in our ignorance

Shameful posing here...

As always we made sure to indulge regularly in the canapes

The equality of my workplace continued when Edward instructed our new friend to give me the broom

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Minimum effort... Maximum Impact

I've found a new crush, and they're just my, slightly edgy and innately stylish.... with the added exoticism of being Scandinavian ... the extremely cool Minimum . Founded back in 1997, based in Ã…rhus, Denmark with showrooms in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Canada and Australi, the company is an intimate affair with just minimum 30 members of staff.
I was advised to check them out by a couple of enviably stylish friends of mine... and they were right, the looks featured on their website are right up my street!
It's not exactly a fashion revelation.... but it's reappearance season after season says something about its wear-ability... the boyfriend blazer... I love the over-sized nature of this particular one from Minimum, it's masculinity enhanced further by the boxy shoulders ( although exaggerated shoulders are great for balancing wide hips). The sleeves rolled up also help to achieve that nonchalant.... 'I don't need to even try to look chic' appeal. You are already aware of my t-shirt obsession if you are regular to this blog, my favourite designs tending to be of the quirky illustrative persuasion.. so this one ticks all the boxes.Teaming denim with smarter garments, the black blazer in this instance, is also a great way to relax a look, keeping it young and making sure the look isn't too stuffy .
My Look for attending Krystof and Jasper Garvida show....
Although I've been a tomboy for years the addition of the androgynous look in terms of how the catwalk interpret boy meets girl aesthetic has only filtered into my wardrobe the last few years.
When you are young it is not unusual to think that bare skin = sexy , as I have grown older I've realized that feeling comfortable in what you wear will help you to exude confidence and that checking that your boobs haven't popped out or having to hoist your skirt up or down all the time makes you look less than comfortable in your own skin..

I've found that I feel far better wearing tuxedo jackets and shirts with slim fit trousers, leaving my hair down and teaming with heels to ensure the look still has a touch of femininity. The catwalks have been awash with said looks... check out this cracker from Jason Wu... wonderful!


I heart the 1930's

Check out my gushings about Katherine Hepburn on the super blog... The Musings of Ondo Lady..

Interview with The Heartbreaks

On a bitterly cold Sunday I headed to iconic London venue the 100 Club to chat to Morecambe four-piece The Heartbreaks ahead of their gig supporting Carl Barat, who they rejoined after a succession of applauded gigs in 2010. With the performance falling in the midst of Fashion Week chaos I was sadly unable to stay for the show, but I made sure to take in their charming sound during their sound-check..... a thoroughly impressive display too I might add. Their new single 'Jealous, Don't You Know' is out in April.... Be sure to check it out, I'm tipping these guys for big things in 2011!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Carl Barat Soundchecking at 100 Club

After interviewing the lovely Morecombe boys The Heartbreaks I was lucky enough to catch Carl Barat sound-checking.... as I was unable to stay for the gig I was pretty chuffed to be able to hear some of his set in a rather exclusive manner... he sounded rather good I think you'll agree. I was yet to check out his solo material intensively so will endeavor to do so now....


Pierre Garroudi Haute Couture Show

Pre- show cocktail

Engrossed in the catwalk display

The Finale
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