Sunday, 29 January 2012

Valentines Gifts for Footwear Fiends

For years I never understood why so many girls go completely ga ga over footwear. I think this was merely a reaction to the fact that I could never walk in, and therefore purchase, the majority of the pretty shoes that they were lusting after, and eventually sporting with such pride. Since the recent resurgence of the comfortable wedge shoe I have started to see my inner shoe lover emerge. So many beautiful shoes, and ones that I can walk in without creating too many accidents or embarrassing incidents. I am not quite sure if this is a positive change yet, but it has definitely had an adverse affect on my savings account. If I had a guy in my life right now I know I would be pretty chuffed if he bought me the scarlet velvet wedge boots from alas.

£66.99 NIKE at

Bags of Style for Valentines Day

Most girls have that one style object they are particularly obsessed with. For many it is the bag that hogs their pay packet...
So lads if you want to keep your missis sweet why not indulge her on this romantic occasion.
If you are still at the stage of the relationship where you are listening to what she's rabbiting on about, then you will most probably have picked up on her latest object of desire.

I've put a little selection of bags together that are in-keeping with the stereotypical Valentines colour palette... - there should be something to suit most dates/budgets in the mix!!

£890 from matches
£250 from net a porter
£895 from net a porter

Saturday, 28 January 2012

iPerfumer makes The Sunday Times top 500 apps for 2012

iPerfumer, the fragrance recommendation app developed by Givaudan, has been listed in the UK’s Sunday Times as one of the top 500 apps in the world for 2012.

One of only 22 apps from the Fashion & Beauty category included in the top 500 - iPerfumer is delighted with this accolade. It comes as a result of listening to the comments and suggestions of the iPerfumer community to develop a perfect, simple pocket guide to fragrance.

Givaudan created iPerfumer after connecting market and technological developments with a consumer need for guidance when buying perfume.  The latest version of iPerfumer allows users to update their profiles,  post a “wish list” for friends and families to see, as well as providing many different ways to explore the fragrance market; searching by brand, by fragrance family or even by “note”. 

Following the successful launch of iPerfumer in 2010, Givaudan updated the app in December 2011 with a new version for iPhone that is scheduled for release for Android phones in early February.

I went to the aforementioned launch do at The Ivy... I ended up talking to the camera about the app... definitely not my most articulate vox pox! 

About Givaudan
Givaudan is the leading company in the fragrance industry. The artistry of our perfumers interprets fashion moments into fragrance appeal. Our perfumery team is the largest in the industry. Our talents extend across both fine fragrance and perfume for consumer products. Iconic household and personal care products are fragranced with the same dedication as designer brands, their scents uplifting everyday tasks.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Interview with Adam Smith, the Director of DONT THINK

Filmed with 20 cameras at a headline show at Japan's Fujirock Festival - Don't Think is the first time the full Chemical Brothers’ live experience has been captured on film. Directed by long-term visuals collaborator Adam Smith this full-length concert movie places cameras in the centre of the stage as well as at the very heart of the crowd to perfectly capture a fan's eye view of the heightened emotional reactions of the audience seeing the band at their very best.

My Review- Coming Soon....

Adam Smith“After 18 years of working on The Chemical Brothers live show we have finally captured it on film; you could almost say it's 18 years in the making The aim was to create a different type of concert film for a different type of show. I wanted to capture what it is like to experience the show from right in the middle of the crowd as well as showing and combining the visuals featured in the show with the footage we captured on this one night; to see how the music and visuals emotionally affect and connect with the audience. By using small unobtrusive cameras - and with thanks to the kindness of the amazing Japanese crowd - we were given privileged insights into the private moments of joy, fear and ecstatic escapism from reality that this show induces. Included in that are flights of fantasy around the festival that are going on inside an audience member’s head. We also allowed some of the images from the show to head off the screens and invade the festival. Over the course of the film, we are taken on a journey through the psychedelic trip that is the Chemical Brothers live experience.”

Tom Rowlands“In the recording of a single show - a single night on a Japanese mountainside - Adam Smith, our long time collaborator, has managed to capture the atmosphere of a very special festival appearance.  Come see how it feels to feel, be overwhelmed, intoxicated, swoonerated…  Surrender to the void”

Ed Simons“This film is the closest I will ever get to being at a Chemical Brothers show…  and yeah, it's a beautiful experience.”

Check out my interview with the Director Adam Smith.....

The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think

+ Q&A with Director Adam Smith
taking place at BFI Southbank on Feb 3

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Smooth You Salon - Review

  My new 'do'... look, no split ends!!

Smooth You
70 Essex Road, N1 8LT
T: 0207 704 1955
M: 07989378764

So, 2011 saw me once again completely fail to stick to my new years resolutions. Not only did I continue to brutally squeeze my many constellation-like formations of spots, I still moisturized far too infrequently, and left my tresses untouched for an almost unthinkable amount of time. In fact last summer I ended up picking up the nickname Bob Marley - not for my ability to produce Reggae classics, but thanks to my impressively matted mane, one that resulted from the onslaught of summer festivals and their associated lifestyle. To avoid having to try and construct some sort of acceptable style with my unmanageable straw-like tresses during the party-heavy festive period, I booked myself into Smooth You. I hoped/prayed their healing hands would counteract all my neglect and wrong- doings of the past year, just in time for my first Christmas shindig.

A mostly pleasant walk from Angel Tube station, the main salon doesn’t really showcase any show-stopping artistic flair, nor is it particularly unique in style, but it is light, airy and clean... and these are qualities that shouldn’t be sniffed at. As soon as I came into the gleaming white space I was greeted by a perfectly groomed lady and asked whether if I’d like a refreshment. They have various exciting options - even Champagne if you are so inclined on a weekday morning. My sensible/boring water arrives with a tasty treat.. and anything food-like, with the bonus of it feeling free is always a good addition in my books!

 From the off Senior Stylist Steven could see my hair was in dire need of some tender lovin’ care, particularly after its first ever dye session at the beginning of last year, one which appeared to have sucked all the moisture out of it’s former glory. He opted to give it a treatment before getting going on the cut. Prime Plenish was used to strengthen my weakened hair, with the Muroto Volume treatment adding much needed oomph to my hair. I have always loved the over the top glamour of big hair, I’m not one for that sleek wet look that’s all the rage on the catwalks at the moment - mainly because it would expose my oversized ears!

Now, massage chairs are one of those things that sound fantastic, but it isn’t always the case - with bias I completely concur with Ryan Goslings opinions in Crazy Stupid Love. In the past I have found the intended relaxing movements far too vigorous and intrusive. But todays chair was so good that Mr Sandman found an opportunity to pay a visit. Combined with Stevens second to none head massage.. we’ll say no more!

We are all aware of the stereotype of hairdressers and their unrivaled ability to chat. On occasions it’s merely a to and fro of banal chat, with the odd frivolous question regarding X Factor or the Soaps. Occasionally it’s an all out therapy session. With Steven it just felt like I was chatting to a friend, a lovely and interesting one with the handy ability to transform my looks. I even came away with some great music tips!  It has been a fair few weeks since the treatment and style, and despite the fact I am yet to take Stevens advice on more appropriate shampoos and conditioners my hair still feels like the softest of angel hair. And Steven, if you are reading this I promise to get the ends trimmed more regularly than usual!

I had first visited Smooth You a few months back to celebrate their launch, joining the team for a tour and quick restyle - while indulging in champagne and canapes of course. Despite it’s many winning qualities, I voiced concern about its location. I had worried its situation off the beaten track would hinder it’s success. I’m most pleased to have been proven wrong. One hint to their future success should have been the owners Patrick and Luma Mitchel. The exotic stare-inducing Luma, has many years experience in fitting hair extensions, having run several successful hair extension salons in San Paolo. She also serves as a perfect advert for her craft. Patrick completes this perfect partnership with his stunning track record in business and finance.

They must have had a feeling they were on to a winner, and it would appear that positive word of mouth has done the trick. Smooth You are now in the lovely position where they are able to expand, opening two new salons this year. They will still keep it a boutique in feel, but reveal different lines within ‘Smooth You’ brand. i.e a floor for Smooth Hair, a floor for smooth Beauty and a section for Smooth Extensions. Steven also revealed some other exciting developments within the salon including the recent collaboration with the BEFFTA Best hairstylist 2011 winner – Eugene Davis. The superstar stylist, who has worked with the liked of Aaliyah, Mary J Blige, Gillian Anderson and Lil Kim to name but a few, will be joining the team twice a week as a Wig Expert and Creative Stylist. Eugene has over 20 years worth of industry experience from Music, TV, commercial, advertising, editorial work and much more.

With the top notch team they have on board, and the vast amount of treatments on offer -  they have cutely compact rooms downstairs offering numerous treatments for face, body, skin, hands and feet - Smooth You is the perfect one stop destination for both a relaxing beautifying session or a complete image re-haul. I’m going to persuade all my frenzied brides to be pals to have a pre-wedding/ hen party pamper day there... after-all there’s got to be some benefit to being the perennial bridesmaid!

Monday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Tuesday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am – 8.00pm
Thursday 10.00am – 8.00pm
Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday - Closed

Interview with Atsuko Kudo... Coming soon

Yesterday I headed to the store on Holloway Road to meet the talented Atsuko. While I was there I was lucky enough to be able to try on one of her wonderful creations...

More images coming soon.....


Interview With Jay James Picton

Whether or not Jay James Picton's musical output to date has appealed to your personal taste, it is undeniable that his journey to get to this point has been an interesting, and unpredictable one. Just a few years ago he was personal training within the Navy. He paid very little attention to music, and had next to no knowledge of legends and icons, let alone the current stars of the industry - I will let Jay James tell you via our interview below what series of events lead him to his current position as an extremely busy singer/songwriter.....

Seeing that his current scenario is in part down to serendipity, unforeseen circumstances and coincidence, his future career is likely to be one littered with surprises. Although if you have witnessed his soulful tones, you could be forgiven for saying that fate has had a heavy hand in nudging him towards the stage.

Now, I don't want to appear too hyperbolic or gushy, but if his raw talent for singing had remained undiscovered it would have been travesty! Thankfully, however accidently, he found this new career path, and he is now finding his feet within this highly saturated and competitive industry. He is happy to admit that not all aspects of his new role have come completely natural to him. But one area where he appears to flourish is with his writing of personal and exposing lyrics. It is not uncommon, but a strange phenomenon that many artists found it tricky to express themselves prior to their musical endeavors - he is most definitely a prime example of this. But this new, and healthy clarity definitely makes for a winning formula. There are artists, like Adele and Amy Winehouse, that find success not just for their stunning vocal abilities. Their willingness to translate personal heartbreak into music, and most devastatingly through lyrics, is what has cemented them in hearts of the CD/Download buying public. Speaking of both the touching and turbulent facets of a relationship, in a manner that everyone can relate to in some way will get you so far, but knowing that it comes from a real place is what will really draw audiences in.

Through his three part music film Heads vs Hearts, he has not only found a visual way to showcase his impassioned music, the sounds accompany a stylishly constructed  love story, featuring issues most of us have faced in one way or another in past/present relationships.

Signed to Decca alongside previous Culture Compass interviewee Jodie Marie, he will likely be granted the freedom to develop organically, rather than being moulded into the 'perfect popstar'  by some big boss like figures with money signs in their eyes . He doesn't  want to be told what type of artists he is or what genre to perform, and it feels like to the formulation of Jay James Picton the artist is still an exciting work in progress.

Yesterday I sat down with the tattooed singer in amongst the designer garb of the Cavalli Room at Purple Pr HQ. As well as talking about his obscure journey so far, we chatted about working with the legendary Booker T, being authentic, his upcoming dates with Rebecca Ferguson, and making his debut album.. as well as his suitably ambitious hopes for festival season!

I'm not a gambling woman, but I would be happy to put a large chunk of money (if i had any) on the fact that this chap is going to be a rather big deal. So wise up and catch him on the way up!!

7 February HMV Next Big Thing show

17 February  Rhyl Pavilion (Rebecca Ferguson supp...

18 February Rhyl Pavilion (Rebecca Ferguson supp...

20 February Bridgewater Hall (Rebecca Ferguson s...

21 February The Sage (Rebecca Ferguson support)

22 February Clyde Auditorium (Rebecca Ferguson s...

24 February New Theatre (Rebecca Ferguson support)

25 February Sheffield City Hall (Rebecca Ferguso...

27 February Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (Rebec...

28 February Portsmouth Guildhall (Rebecca Fergus...

1st March Symphony Hall (Rebecca Ferguson supp...

2nd March York Barbican Centre (Rebecca Fergus...

3rd March Blackpool Opera House (Rebecca Fergu...

5th March Waterfront Hall Auditorium (Rebecca...

8th March St David's Hall (Rebecca Ferguson su...

9 March Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Rebecca...

10 March Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Rebecca...

12 March Colston Hall (Rebecca Ferguson support)

15 March Plymouth Pavilions (Rebecca Ferguson)

16 March Hexagon Theatre (Rebecca Ferguson su...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

All or Nothing for Help For Heroes

Working with other t-shirt/casualwear brands as I do, I probably shouldn't be plugging another companies designs, but this particular tee is a bit special....All or Nothing have created this striking monochrome design to raise money for Help For Heroes, a brilliant charity formed to help those who have been wounded in Britain's current conflicts. They have a limited 100 units available to purchase and are kindly donating ALL the profits to the charity. 


Hostel III

If Im deathly honest I’ve never been particularly into horror movies, mainly because I don’t scare easy and it therefore seems a bit pointless to sit down and watch a movie whose main intention is to do just that.

But despite my preference for realistic dramas and dry comedies, I have watched more than my fair share of this particular genre, mainly because of that inconvenient thing that comes with relationships... Compromise. I don't know whether a large percentage of males revel in gore or whether it has just been the type of guys I go for, but every person I've dated have loved spending an evening feasting there eyes on these grim and gory tales.... and the more disgusting and vulgar the better!

When I saw a invite in my inbox to take part in a Hostel endurance challenge I though pfft! A challenge, we'll see! So Tuesday I dragged an unwilling plus 1 to the Clink Prison for said event, a night heralding the launch of the third installment of the Hostel franchise.

To me there’s no point in making sequels, particularly horror sequels, if they don’t exceed the prior outings in one way or another. So it's gotta be more ridiculous, with more cameos, more nudity or with most revolting and inventive ways to torture and kill. The new Hostel definitely accomplished upping the gruesome factor.... but I won't give away how!

The latest terrifying chapter in the Hostel franchise, Hostel: Part III debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download January 23 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film contains even more disturbing and shocking moments than its predecessors, bringing the underground world of the notorious Elite Hunting Club to “Sin City,” where human torture has been turned into a high stakes gambling opportunity. The cast includes Thomas Kretschmann (Wanted, Resident Evil: Apocalypse), Brian Hallisay (TV’s “Privileged”), Kip Pardue (Remember the Titans), John Hensley (TV’s “As the World Turns”), Chris Coy (TV’s “True Blood”), Skyler Stone (TV’s “Raising Hope”) and Sarah Habel (Whip It).

Bonus materials include commentary with Director Scott Spiegel (From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money) and actor Kip Pardue.

Hostel: Part III will be available on Blu-ray for £19.99 and on DVD for £15.99.  

Synopsis: High stakes gambling takes on a sinister new meaning in this third chapter of the terrifying HOSTEL series. While attending a bachelor party in Las Vegas, four friends are enticed by two sexy escorts to join them at a private party way off the Strip. Once there, they are horrified to find themselves the subjects of a perverse game of torture, where members of the Elite Hunting Club are hosting the most sadistic show in town.

Hostel: Part III was directed by Scott Spiegel from a screenplay by Michael D. Weiss and was produced by Chris Briggs and Mike Fleiss.

Hostel: Part III Blu-ray& DVD Bonus Features: • Commentary with Director Scott Spiegel and Kip Pardue

Hostel: Part III has a running time of 88mins on Blu-ray and 84mins on DVD and is rated 18.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Heath Kick

If any of you read my New Years Resolution post or follow my Tweets (those of you who don't why the devil not?? follow @SophieEggleton), then you will be aware that I am attempting to become a fitter version of myself this year. I know, I know, it's something a large chunk of the population aim to do at the beginning of every new year... but I really mean it this time. So I am into the fourth week of attending the gym now and I am already starting to see some positive affects. Not only am I sleeping better and generally less grumpy then usual, I am starting to see definition on my stomach! I'm not quite Flavia or Jet from Gladiators yet but it's definitely a good start! But I have a feeling my squidgy thighs and bum are going to be a bit more stubborn.. but I do enjoy a challenge!

As well as documenting the various sporting activities I will be trying in 2012, I will also be testing/reviewing various products I am using, drinking and wearing alongside this new regime.

So, because of my various health issues and ailments my immune system is not the most robust. To stand me in good stead I thought it would be a good idea to give it a boost somehow.

UK Based UnBEElievable Health launched new BEE Prepared Immune support Max Strength and DAILY Defence last October. BEE prepared Daily Defense immune system support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients be taken once a day for daily immune system maintenance. BEE Prepared MAX Strength includes additional ingredients, Astaxanthin and Reishi Mushrooms to combat he first signs of illness.

Helpful For... 
Colds & Flu
Sports, training and fitness
When feeling run down
Daily maintenance of your immune system
Hay fever

Bee Propols
Black Elderberry
Olive Leaf
Beta Glucans
Reishi Mushrooms (MAX strength version only)

Elizabeth Saltzman (Celebrity Sylist and Ex Fashion Editor Vanity Fair - 'I don't leave home without the stuff., it's great.I even have my children taking it. It works.I now give it to my clients in fashion and film shoos ( the product is said to be in hands of Jessica Biel, Elle McPherson,Halle Berry, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow among others.'

Lisa B - "I take BEE prepared to help keep my immune system in fighting form, being a mum of there boys aged 5 and under means I try to stay as fit as possible - there is no time to be ill!"

In addition to keeping you healthy, UnBEElievable Health do their part to keep the planet healthy as well.....

Carbon footprints are kept low by sourcing ingredients in the EU and manufacturing products in the UK

A portion of the proceeds of each box solid is donated to Vitamin Angels, an amazing charity that delivers essential vitamins to children in need.

UnBEElievable Health work hard to raise awareness about the worldwide decline of bee colonies.

Available in Health Food stores and chemists including Planet Organic, Nutricentre (Tescos), Revital and

An energising fusion of nature's most revitalising fruits and purest teas, blended with the zing of the Ginseng to give a refreshing healthy lift is the description of these Little Miracles.

If I see the words Ginseng and Organic I can't help be put off... it screams HEALTH to me, and as someone who has spent most of their life enjoying gorging on food and drink that shout the exact opposite this is not an appealing characteristic. But with my new frame of mind I am trying to change this warped view and give these healthy options a fair go......

Inspired by hardworking chinese farmers during a traveling stint in the Far East. Little Miracles founder, Jorn Singer was determined to find a source of their endless energy. He was  informed of the special properties of the Chinese Ginseng root and a traditional Ginseng formula that allegedly enabled farmers to double their efforts at harvest time. Have discovered the origin of natural energy, Jorn worked with a team nutritionists to rework samples of the purest Panax Ginseng into powerful concentrate and Little Miracles was born.

Green Tea - The tea in this Little Miracle is made from green tea leaves grown on peaceful mountain sides in Sri Lanka. As the tea has undergone both minimal oxidation and further processing , it holds a high level of antioxidants as more of the original plant substances survive, including he essential polyphenols.

A Fusion of natural flavours including Green Tea, Ginseng, Pommegrante, Acai

White Tea - Although white tea's health benefits have been known in the Far East since the Ming Dynasty, the tea is relatively new to the Western World. Green, Black and White Tea are derived from the same plant. However, the buds selected for the white tea are harvested at a far more immature stage. After the harvest , the buds chosen for white tea are gently processed in order to prevent oxidation or further fermentation, in order to retain the delicate taste and natural benefits.

A fusion of natural flavours including White Tea. Ginseng, Cheery and Acai

Black Tea - The tea base in this Little Miracle is made from black tea leaves grown on the sunny mountain sides in Sri Lanka, Black tea generally more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties and carries a lower level of natural antioxidants while having a higher level of natural caffeine.

A Fusion of flavours including Black Tea, Ginseng, Peach and Acai

I have to say that I have probably been doing my taste-buds a massive disservice by disregarding similar products in the past, as I have to confess to finding the White Tea option absolutely delicious! I reminded me of those lovely fruity boiled sweets I used to have as a child, on those seemingly never-ending trips to see my Grandparents in Weymouth and Leicester. The drinks are actually lovely and sweet,  and have the added bonus that you know you are putting some good stuff in your body at the same time!

Little Miracles are available from Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and selected Holland and Barrett stores, priced at £1.49 for 330 ml.

When it comes to weight loss products I'm a bit hesitant to write about them  Sadly a lot of people do not behave sensibly and put their health in real danger. So please, if you want to use products like this make sure you are eating well, and often, and not just looking for a quick fix!! Disclaimer complete....

I remember seeing Lord Sugar say on a chat show that he'd come up with an ingenious concept relating to weightloss.  The Tiny Fork Diet - it's all in the name really. He suggested simply using scaled-down cutlery to fool the brain into thinking you are getting full, when in fact the amount of food being consumed it less than with normal sized eating instruments.

His idea is not really a new concept, but a new way of  interpreting a well oiled theory.
We are frequently told that weight-loss is largely down to our brains. It is our noggin that controls whether we feel hungry, and that is why this particular product appears to be so effective. It's 100% natural ingredients include the amino acid, 5 -HTP, which is essential to the production of Seratonin - a naturally occuring chemical created in the brain which can help to keep the dreaded hunger pangs at pay.

It's a pretty simple product to use. Simply spray on your tongue 3 times, 5 times throughout your day and you should stop wanting to seek out that deadly treat draw/cupboard. It's compact size also makes it an easy addition to your handbag. Just another object in the mix to make it harder for you to find your keys!

Of course this is not a solution to all your weight woes, to get the best results you should be combining the spray with a well balance but low calorie diet and a mild excercise program.

One bottle, a month supply, costs £23.95 and is available from most good independent pharmacies or

Come on, stand up and be counted!

Kit Kat are currently on the hunt for the UK's ultimate Kit Kit Chunky Flavour. What a mighty, but gloriously frivolous challenge to undertake. Well I say frivolous, but only when comparing it to the mammoth world-changing decisions being made in the stressful world we live in today. In my world, the ditzy Sophie bubble, this is probably factoring quite high on the list of important things to do...

So the team have called upon some experts to help them crown the champion. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but by picking me as one of their 'experts' they have chosen extremely well. I am distinctively average at most things, but man do I know my chocolate. As a youngster my parents were fairly strict when it came to fast food, sweets and chocolate. So when at school I would make the most of being away from the watchful eyes of Mum and Dad - monopolizing the vending machine or getting my daily fix from the station shop. The man who owned the shop soon named me 'Malteser Girl'.  If on a rare day I walked past without purchasing 8 pieces of confectionery he would shout, rather loudly ' no chocolate today miss?" Now I'm not sure this is an anecdote I should be proud of, but in terms of proving my worthiness as a Kit Kat expert, it seems pretty effective.

So here are my findings from sampling the nominees....

Chunky Orange - Now you are either a fan of the legendary choc/orange combo or you're not (the 'not' people are generally very ill- advised human beings). I most definitely fall into the first camp. I have enjoyed consuming many a Terry Chocolate Orange in bed on an Xmas morning, before even attempting to get dressed and make it downstairs to greet the family. Apart from the ease of being able to eat it, a segment at a time, avoiding the dreaded mucky melty chocolate mouth, there isn't really any other reason for it to be separated into parts. The end the result is always the same for me. I will be eating it in one, very swift sitting. I may as well eat it as if it were an apple, a more delicious calorific one. Anyway I digress - I think you can tell I am a chocolate fiend- but while I did enjoy this particular version of the winning marriage, it was not the best of it's type. Perhaps it was a bit too subtle in flavour. I might have to eat a few more to make sure I have this right!

White Chocolate - The generous soul I am I decided to let my parents help on this task. Before we embarked on our group taste test we flagged up an issue with White Chocolate. It's another very personal thing - a lot of people find chocolate at the pale end of the spectrum a bit sickly. But too sickly and too sweet are statements that don't really factor in my world. I know my arteries are probably screaming at me, begging me to say no to the sugary temptations I'm greeted with everyday, but it's never going to happen. We have to be realistic.
Rich, Creamy... divine! If one of the other flavours wasn't in existence this white chocolate glory of a treat bar would be a very worthy victor. This was actually my parents favourite of the four.

Double Chocolate - For a chocaholic the name of this flavour is probably enough to force those endorphins to get wurring round the body. I don't think that my ceiling point in terms of chocolate consumption is akin to the national average, so I could eat a couple ( or 4 ) in a go , but I can imagine the rich nature of this one might be a bit much for your average chocolate eater, only allowing them to one at a time, Being rich isn't exactly a negative, but just a notable fact. This flavour makes for a very indulgent time.

Peanut Butter - When I saw the list of options I had a feeling this would be the one to steal my heart... and eager tongue. I have always enjoyed the combination of sweet and savory - I once had an intoxicating summer romance with those chocolate covered pretzels. As soon as I took the first bite I felt my heart flutter. I knew that if it had little arms jutting out from it's chocolate body, they would be lifting the winners trophy.  But it's not just the flavour that makes the nutty one the victor. The texture of this one, that bit of a softness in the mix, adds that comforting feeling we looking for in our sugary snacks. So I know I have found a new favourite chocolate bar, but it will be interesting to see if it  persuades me to questions my love for my beloved Reeses Pieces/Cups. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may just do it!

To keep up to date on the latest developments head to or  search #KKChunkyChampion on Twitter.....


Friday, 20 January 2012

Interview with The Tricks

Yesterday I headed to Purple PR HQ - the successful home of Jessie J, Lana Del Ray and Yasmin- to interview future pop/rock stars The Tricks. Prior to our meeting I received a delightful tweet off Singer and Bassist Joel, who wanted to say hello prior to our scheduled chat. Little touches like this are sure to endear them to journalists, bloggers and potential fans - and happily they proved to be consistent with their pleasantness. It was my first video interview of 2012, so this little introduction worked as a nice relaxant - gifting me with the comforting knowledge that I would likely to be greeted with some charming chaps for my first on screen action of the year. 

I won't give away too much information about the guys, because I 'd rather like it if you took the time to watch the video, but it looks like the London based foursome are destined for big things this year. 
They are currently working out which songs will make the final cut of their debut album, but in the meantime you are able to enjoy their double A -Side Remember Me/ For The Summer. 
If you want to revel in The Tricks fun via a live experience their UK tour kicks off in Cardiff of January 26th....

P.S Before I leave you to watch the interview I must just point out that Johnny Depp is not only a fan of the band but has even got his guitar out for a jamming session with them. Now if Depp says something's cool who are we to argue?! 



Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Rocawear steps foot onto the UK High Street

To coincide with the launch of their upcoming Spring/Summer Collection the street-style brand have created some fetching footwear which will be available from mid February to purchase online and in store at USC .
Founded by Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter, Damon Dash and Kareem 'Biggs' Burke, with the backing of Iconix Europe, the brand really doesn't need positive mentions by the likes of me to encourage sales. With an aesthetic appealing to a vast demographic and influential music moguls and modern icons at the helm, the company have achieved a scarily impressive $700 million annual retail sales. That said, credit where credits due, they are a brand that appear to progress style-wise with every collection,  and I was thoroughly impressed when I got a sneak peak at their Spring/Summer clothing offerings. Once again they have delivered a great range of denim styles and numerous pieces emblazoned with logo details for clothes horses that really want to show off that they are sporting the brand. But what was most noticeable about the latest designs was that they had upped the wearability factor. While tapping into current and seasonal casual-wear trends there were subtle and muted pieces, and those which tapped into the incredibly popular preppy look. When you look at Jay-z personal style choices over the last few years similar ideals are obvious. He continues to nod regularly to New York Street Style, but we also see him adopt a more mature look with dapper or coutry-gent type ensembles.
The latest shoes collection really captures how the brand have updated....

Roca Wear Volley Docka
Crafted out of stone-washed canvas, the Volley Docka comes in either black or khaki. The shoe is light weight with a chunky vulcanised mid-sole.
Roca Wear Volley Docka
Slip-on and laced up versions of the alternative option of the Volley Docka, simply known as the Volley slip-on jute and Volley lace-up jute. Stitched onto a woven mid-sole, both styles are made with a stone-washed upper canvas. The slip on option comes in either stone or black, and the lace-up version will be available in khaki or black.

Roca Wear jute

The Prima Lux Hi (see above) and the Chukka Wedge (see below) are another couple of beauties from the full collection, but are not stocked at USC. I have been seeing a lot of Wedged shoes for men, what do you think about this particular emerging trend?
Roca Wear Chukka Wedge


Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes Fashion

 All of our favoutie A-listers, decked out in all their designer finery descended upon The Beverley Hills Hilton for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. It is impossible for me to review every look from the nights display, but here is an overview of some of the hits and misses from the star studded event.
One of the earliest to step onto the red carpet was the timeless silver fox George Clooney, acting as the perfect gentlemen alongside with his current lady-friend Stacey Kiebler. As if she didn’t already appear to have it all, she pulled off one of the most stunning looks of the night. It was hard to fathom that this ultra feminine vision in red was once a ass- kicking wrestler, looking ever so feminine in her Valentino column gown. Her soft look was enhanced by her wisely subtle and pretty make-up, and her relaxed tousled up-do.
Stacey Kiebler and George Clooney
I was particularly excited to see Rooney Mara's appearance ( see top image) having forged quite a reputation for herself during  the onslaught of press supporting the release of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'. In keeping with her drastic and edgy make-over for the feature, her red carpet choices have been similarly dramatic and alternative - featuring sheer panels, Gothic influences and unusual hemlines. For the GGs she opted for a black Nina Ricci gown, keeping up with one of her recently formed traditions - once again flashing her stunning alabaster skin with a low V and peek- a-boo side slats. While the top was young and sexy, the bottom half was elegant, its tulle peplum completely befitting of an award ceremony of this stature. Despite the fact that the young actress would have had all of the top jewellery designers wanting to decorate her body, she kept things beautifully bleak, omitting bling completely apart from one of her own barely noticeable rings.
Zooey Deschanel
You never expect Zooey Deschanel to fit in with the prevalent trends on a red carpet. She will be generally be one of the admired anomalies amongst the crowd of A -listers. That said, she is predictable in her quirkiness. Last night she wore a custom Prada gown, which teamed a green beaded top half with a simple silky black floor length skirt. The colour combination alone is extremely rare, but she ensured to maintain her A- typical style with nails that wore tuxedos... simply adorable.
Jessica Chastain
It pains me to say that the beautiful redhead Jessica Chastain failed to nail her look this time round. Not only has she become one of my favourite actresses, but she has been taken many impressive turns on the carpet  in the last year. Despite choosing beautiful beaded Givenchy gown, the fit wasn't quite right around the middle,  and her ill advised hair ruined the overall success of the look . Quaffed high at the front, the hair style was aging and outdated, the pearls making it even more old-fashioned, without being charmingly retro.
With a body so gloriously long and lean and a face of such delicate beauty, it is hard to imagine Charlize Theron ever looking bad - even after her make-under for Monster she looked better than me on a good day! Last night, she once again achieved goddess status in a stunning pale Christian Dior Couture gown. Its low neckline and high split was daringly sexy with the over-sized hip bow giving it that high fashion edge.
The blush and ethereal tones were one of the most obvious trends from the night - Kate Beckinsale teamed a glamorous up-do and large diamond encrusted earrings with a structured strapless bodice courtesy of Robert Cavalli. Elle MacPherson continued to defy the laws of ageing and human possibility in her Zac Posen, which featured one of his specialist kicked-out skirts. He was given the opportunity to showcase his trademarks design features further via another style queen, this time in a striking red on the diminutive Reese Witherspoon. She joined Elle in opting for BIG hair - no doubt achieved by a gazillion extensions.
Heidi Klum opted for simplicity with a slinky Calvin Klein number which she accessorized with a vivid turquoise statement necklace. She continued the relaxed approach with simple straightened locks. Kate Winslet rarely loses on a big occasions like this... this statement applying both to the awards, as well as the style stakes. Last night she wowed in another monochrome choice, this time created by Jenny Packham.  Featuring a subtly sexy keyhole feature on her chest, the off-white battered silk skirt washed flatteringly over her much-loved curves.Waif-ishly slim Clare Danes also opted for a black and white number, with a Classic looking J Mendel gown. It was a choice that called for the popular look over the shoulder pose - to showcase its breathtaking back detailing.
Kate Winslet Golden Globes
Comedy actress and certified sex-bomb Sofia Vergara may have stolen the style crown for me. Okay so the inclusion of a mermaid train may be predictable, but if something works for you... The teal custom-made Vera Wang strapless gown made the most of her ample bosum and perfect hourglass figure. The swathes of fabric, wrapped over the skirt in all directions created the most beautiful texture. She continued the excess with opulent jewelry by Harry Winston - heavily diamond studded chandelier earrings, two cuffs in her left arm, and a ring each on both her middle fingers. Sofie also managed to hit another of the nights standout trends with her choice of colour.
A blue mist had most definitely descended upon Beverly Hills with Michelle Williams, Jodie Foster, Freida Pinto, Sarah Michelle Geller, Berenice Bejo and Tilda Swinton pretty much covering the spectrum of blues, from aqua marine to the sultry midnight hues.

I really wanted to love Sarah Michelle Gellers voluminous gown, but I think I would advise her to ignore her 2 year old daughters style advice in the future. I love to see stars experiment, so I applaud her for giving this artistic Monique L'Huillier an outing, but something didn’t quite work for me. I can imagine someone like Gwen Stefani pulling this look off, but SMG delicate features and safe hair just don’t make for a happy marriage.
I adore the deep blue of  Michelle Williams velvet/sheer floor-draping Jason Wu dress but I think the look could have had more pop if her cutsie pixie crop had maintained the peroxide tone of Marilyns hair, rather than the muted strawberry blonde she is currently sporting.
I know that Tilda Swintons style polarizes opinion, but on the most part I adore her unique occasion looks. This may well be her most fabulous ensemble to date, having looked to the talents of her friend Haider Ackerman. The colour, a soft powder blue, with a small drop of lavender, was ethereally stunning against her pale skin and barely-there make-up. Along with her on-trend quiff of golden hair, the perfectly tailored nipped in blazer added the androgynous element, an aspect consistently present with Tilda. Juxtaposing the suited top, which was made even cooler by the popped collar, was a semi-sheer ultra-feminine mermaid skirt. Pure Perfection...
Tilda Swinton - Golden Globes
There had been much chatter regarding Angelina Jolie's fashion choice. She has been opting for relatively safe options of late, but with the memory of last years emerald backless show-stopper, the fashion press were expecting big things from the pouty one. She came up trumps once again, with a bold  asymmetric, satin Atelier Versace gown, which was given interest via a contrasting flash of red, which was mirrored by her scarlet lips. A strong graphic yet classic look.
Angelina Jolie
Returning to the Golden Globes as a new mum, after last years tricky task of awards dressing with a sizable bump, Natalie Portman looked a classic beauty in Lanvin. A dress which contrasted hot pink satin with slivers of burgundy red. The side detailing was a bit distracting however, and added unneeded bulk to her petite frame. Rich maroons and wine shades were also sported by current 'IT' funny gal Emma Stone, queen of comedy Tina Fey... and even daredevil host Ricky Gervais.
Natalie Portman
Aware of its flattering ways, there were of course a number of black beauties on display. Julianne Moore added over-sized green earrings to add oomph to her figure hugging tiered gown. Despite having endless glorious possibilities as the face Dior, unfortunately the beguiling Mila Kunis sightly underwhelmed in her one strap chiffon gown. The tiny yet impossibly curvaceous Salma Hayek added a metallic element to her Noir, with gold panels that can hinted to Art Deco, Roman armory and even Cleopatra. She kept her look youthful with dip-dyed curled hair left down, matched perfectly with a sexy smoky eye. Completing the black parade was Glee’s hilarious matriarch Jane Lynch, in a simple halter neck floor length dress. Her young Glee co-star Naya Rivera opted for a fairly conservative, covered-up slate number, with Amber Riley and Diane Agron daring to don dramatic tomato red. Agron and the show’s former arch-rival Leah Michelle both acted as perfect clothes horses for intricate designs, with a laser cute Giles Deacon and an astonishing gun-metal Marchesa creation....
A quick P.S . If there was an award for the most enthusiastic poser  it would go to Lea Michelle... that girl is a paps dream!
Obviously style  is a subjective thing...I'd be interested to hear who you all thought were best and worst dressed from the night. Please do let me know what you think!
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