Monday, 29 October 2012

Triumph - Halpern PR Press Day

I had already got to see some of Helena Christensen's in the company of the 90's supermodel at an event at the Brompton Club a few weeks back. In the same way that Elle McPherson has delivered with her ranges, Helena has delivered a range that features both second skin, seamless body wear and beautiful and feminine sets - there should be something for all whether your priority be on function/comfort or looking pretty and feeling sexy.... simply divine!


Ugg - Halpern PR Press Day

Every time I do a post about Uggs I make comment on the fact that myself and a large chunk of the fashion community hold a major dislike for their now iconic best selling soft boot. I won't go on a rant about them again, because I would like people to take note of the other Uggs on offer, some of which are mighty fine.


OH MY CORSET - Halpern PR Press Day

I have one corset, but whenever I think about squeezing into it for a night out, I end up chickening out. Whether or not my particular one is or not, corsets can veer on the tacky/cheap side of things if not worn correctly, so I am always a little apprehensive about wearing one in public. With that statement I have given off the impression that I save it for naughty times in the bedroom... that illusion is also not the case sadly.

Anyways before I overshare...again...OH MY CORSET have come up with designs that somehow don't feel overtly sexy in a bad way. The removal of the rigid boning means that you don't feel quite as pushed up and restricted, but more importantly they are extremely comfortable to wear.

While they still cater to those who looks to corset to transform into sex kittens, my favourite pieces were the ones that that have been incorporated into t-shirt or combines with feminine skirts - proving that corsets, or at least these ones, can be worn in the day! Who knew?


Marc Cain S/S 13 Press Day

Marc Cain are always the most helpful and generous of brands, sending lovely gifts from Germany and delivering the best press material out of all the brands I've dealt with.

While I understand some of the complete outfits they put together for lookbook/press day purposes may not be appealing to many of my friends, when I have isolate pieces from the collections they are also coveted by my most fashionable pals. Through their styling they show how their brand could be used to create complete looks and capture various trends including nautical, sporty, feminine etc.

They had pieces that tapped into many of this summer's prevalent trends, including neon, the majority being in a garish zesty green. My favourite pieces though were ones that continued one of my favourite looks from this year - dip dye. I know many of you may have tired of it by now, but not me... keep it coming people!! Check out the leather jacket and knit jumper below! SWOON......

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