Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jinkksy for Jeans for Genes

Jinkksy Jewellery are delighted to announce that they are supporting renowned charity campaign Jeans for Genes Day this year. The iconic and unique jewellery brand and its founder and designer Debbie Georgiou have designed adorable Jeans for Genes Day ‘neon’ and ‘denim’ themed bracelets as part of the Jeans for Genes Day campaign this year which raises money for Genetic Disorders UK.
Jeans for Genes Day raises money for Genetic Disorders UK and aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders. Genetic disorders affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK - that's more than 30,000 babies each year. Their associated health problems mean that genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death of children aged 14 years and under.
Taking place this year on Friday 20th September 2013, Jeans for Genes Day is the well-known annual fundraising event which simply asks the British public, children and adults alike to wear their jeans for the day and make a £1 / £2 donation. Jeans for Genes Day funds the care and support of children with genetic disorders through its grant programme. In 2013, 23 charities will benefit from the funds raised on Jeans for Genes Day.
The exclusive Jeans for Genes Day Jinkksy bracelets will be £25 from www.jeansforgenesday.org/webshop/ from 1st August 2013 – £5 from every bracelet sold will go to Genetic Disorders UK.


Monday, 29 July 2013

David Brent; The Album? I hope so...

A David Brent album could soon be ringing in your ears as Ricky Gervais receives a stack of offers to make a Brent album. Since releasing various songs online as part of his Learn Guitar with David Brent series, Ricky has seen offers flying in from around the globe to make a David Brent album. Brent has a catalogue of song already, with titles like  ‘Life on the Road’, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Spaceman Came Down’, ‘Free Love Freeway’,  ‘Ain’t No Trouble’ and his latest tutorial out today via Ricky’s YouTube channel, ‘Slough’.
Ricky says;"I can't believe I'm now getting ridiculous offers from major record deals all over the world for a David Brent album.  Where were these people when I was trying to be a real popster? And starving? haha"

The Learn Guitar with David Brent series, which is housed on Gervais YouTube Channel (www.youtube/rickygervais.com), has received a string of YouTube cover versions and fan sites such as http://gervaisfanart.blogspot.co.uk/   @GervaisFanArt http://www.equalitystreet.info/ 
@EqualityStreet. In the words of the great Brentmeister General himself, it is “literally going down like hot cakes so thank you”
In his latest instalment ‘Slough’, out today, Brent also toys with the idea of reforming a band. He calls on his pupils to get in touch if they want to fill the “big shoes” of his former band mates Reggie Mental, Flange Warrior and Mammogram from Brent’s band Foregone Conclusion.
Learn Guitar with David Brent has helped Gervais' YouTube Channel clock up over 18 million views www.youtube/rickygervais.com.

Ricky says;
"It's been so much fun bringing back David Brent and have him philosophise on Youtube, and spend all his hard earned repping money on still trying to become a pop star. It's funny and sadly true of today's x factor culture."


Friday, 26 July 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Somebody Snaking you Danny?

H and M Dress
Matalan Shoes 

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams has become one of my favourite actresses in the last few years. She has always managed to make my chin go a little wobbly though... remember the last episodes of Dawsons Creek! She was was part of the most beautifully dramatic scenes in Shutter Island, portrayed perfectly the vulnerability of the worlds favourite ever blonde, and nailed gritty and downtrodden in Blue Valentine. She also appears on my top 10 favourite red carpet moments of all time - that stunning chiffon canary yellow gown with the punchy red lips. She's a star!

As you can imagine I was chuffed to see her elfin features in an upcoming ad for Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2013 Collection and looking better than ever! The campaign is currently intended to break in Marie Claire France, due on newsstands on Aug. 2, followed by numerous September and October magazines issues worldwide.

The photographs, shot by Peter Lindbergh featuring with hair by Sam McKnight, make up by Stéphane Marais and styling by Jacob K show a darker side of the 32 year old with a edgy black mani and a dark plum lip teamed with the black dress from the Fall 2013 Collection. The ad, which has a very punk couture vibe, aims to promote LV’s new bags: the ‘W’ and ‘Capucines.’

Williams is currently filming “Suite Française,” based on the novel by Irène Némirovsky

Outfit of The Day - An Eighties Howl

Electric Tees body
Moto Rasberry Jeans  
Hair.. courtesy of the eighties 


I chat to Tom and Tim about how swimmingly things seem to be going, touring with One Republic and Ellie Goulding and their upcoming performance at Reading and Leeds Festival.

When researching you guys for this interview I found it hard to find out much about you as people. Are you hoping the music will do all the talking (it seems to be working)?
TOM - I think it’s half that and half the fact that we’re a bit unorganised... I like your version better though so we’ll stick with that!

Can you give me a potted history about your formation, including previous bands/jobs..
Josh and I (Tom) met in Exeter and played in bands together for years before moving to London to start S&L. Dan was my next door neighbour when I was 2 and we met Tim through mutual friends, and it just kind of worked! Between us we have worked in bars, pubs, in music venues, ran rehearsal rooms, worked as bin men, in warehouses, at airports, in offices, as drivers, cooks, waiters... (the list goes on and on...). Anything that allowed us to make music in our spare time really!
Are you surprised at how fast things seem to be progressing for you - securing great tours and festival so early on? 
Yes! We feel ridiculously lucky to be playing festivals like Reading & Leeds at this stage.

You heard yourselves for the first time on radio this week, did anyone tape it old-school style? How did you all react (honestly)? 
If I had a tape player I would be all over that, but no such luck. Dan slept through it. I was honestly really excited; I was listening on headphones at home, in the dark and had a ridiculous grin on my face.

I am personally a big fan of One republic and think Ryan Tedder is an amazing songwriter. Were you fans of theirs prior to securing the support slot?

Yeah, we are massive fanboys, both of the band and of his writing. (Best song = Battlefield)

Did you try and secure a writing session with the good man while you were there? What else did you take away from the experience?
I didn’t no – too nervous to ask. Would love that though! 1R as a band were really supportive and also, playing Shepherds Bush Empire was a massive deal for us, loved every second.

You also supported Ellie Goulding, a fellow Turn First artist. How important is it to have the right people behind you to help you progress? (managements/press/label etc)
Having the right team behind you is really important, although I think it’s as important to have other artists supporting what you’re doing, which is why it was so great that Ellie took us out as we’re all big fans.

After playing with the likes of Ellie, One Republic, Nina Nesbitt is there a noticeable influx of new fans joining your Facebook, following on Twitter etc. How does it compare to the response you get from a festival appearance?
This is first real summer of festivals so I couldn’t really tell you, ask us in a few months! People have been really lovely about us after some of the shows we’ve played, it means a lot (not just saying this) that people take the time to say they enjoyed something that we’ve done.

Is the dynamic of touring with a female artist compared to a male band very different? In what ways?
Not massively, we had a great time with both. I guess we partied a bit more on the Ellie tour as we got to know her and her band better.

You recently got on a plane to film your video for Ghosts. Can you tell me about the video? Are you guys naturals in front of the camera?
Definitely NOT naturals! We’re pretty awkward for 95% of the time. We had an incredible time filming it though, we went to a tiny island called Inishturk just off the coast of Ireland to film – never been anywhere like it. Can’t wait for people to see it.

From playing in different bands that vary in terms of their heavy-ness, do you find you are less stressed and calmer when in a less heavy band, or does heavy music allow for more venting and help stress? 
TIM - I think you are less stressed if you are happy doing what you are doing, regardless of genre. Heavy music is obviously a release for a lot of people, and I relate to that, but personally I am much happier playing this style of music!

Tim you have played Reading and Leeds before - what about the rest of the band? What has Tim and others told you to expect from it?
TIM - Playing Reading before was an amazing experience (especially having attended the festival for years), but it being on an outdoor stage was slightly marred by it pissing it down! Luckily our slot is on the festival republic stage, which has a great line-up, and if it rains, who cares! 

Have you got anything special planned for your appearance (cover/production/guest appearances)?
TIM - Awkwardly now you’ve asked – no. We have a few ideas in the pipeline though so hopefully we can get them sorted for Reading/Leeds!

How have all your other festival dates prepared you? Are there any things you’ve changed and adapted throughout the festival season? 
TIM - We’ve changed our set a little as it’s a very diverse audience at festivals but we’ve generally got better at the logistics – getting used to no sound check and 10 minute change overs etc.

What sets are you hoping to catch and who might you try and stalk on the day?
TIM - SO MANY. Personally I would love to see Eminem, Chvrches, Crystal Fighters, MO, Deap Vally, too many to name. Going to be a fun weekend!

Please tell me something surprising about you...
TIM - Last time we went to Reading Festival we crowd surfed to a DJ playing ‘Call me maybe’. It was a delight.

Plans for 2014?
TIM - Play as many shows as we can and release our first album!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Outfit of The Day - Poppy Power


Motel Rocks Dress
Matalan shoes


Describe an average day for MMX at the moment?

ASHLEY- Currently we’re writing a lot of music, we haven’t had the chance to for a while so it’s nice to be able to do that. We have also been in the studio mixing our new release, which is very exciting for us. I’d therefore say an average day for us at the moment is highly music based.

You have described the way you work as meticulous. Has this always been the way you have created music or is it merely necessary when creating the complex sounds you make with MMX?

BEN - It’s always been how we’ve written and recorded songs, even when we were fourteen or fifteen we would demo songs before we recorded them properly.

I imagine this means that everything takes longer to do. When do you know a song is finished? Is it instinct? Do you all agree when it is time to wrap a song?

BEN - Songwriting doesn’t take us a hugely long time, we become meticulous in the studio when we’re creating the sounds and recording our individual parts. Ashley will normally sing through whole songs ten or fifteen times before we even start to go through it, we have two studios set up – one for electronics and one for vocals and acoustic instruments, it’s a hub of meticulous activity when we record. I don’t think there ever comes a point where you all sit back and say that’s finished, we’ll always look back on songs and hear things we’d like to change, but there does come a point where we have to let our songs go and allow others to hear them.

Does the fact that you have been allowed to take time on your full length mean you have an understanding team backing you or are you putting this out yourselves?

BEN - We do have a very understanding team behind us but it’s just how we want to do it really. We will only ever get one debut album and we really want to treasure it, make the most of the experience and produce an album that we’re really proud of.

In terms of the album you have stated the importance of coherence. Will you have a discussion between you about a concept or theme? How will you ensure the songs make sense together?

ASHLEY - The coherence comes on a more sonic level as opposed to a concept or theme. We want to produce an album that flows seamlessly and allows you to go on a journey as you listen through it.

Having lived with your EP for a while now are there things you’ve noticed or learned from it that you know you will continue/change for the full album? 

ASHLEY - Writing music is definitely a learning curve for us; we’re always listening to new music and going through old. We gained a lot of experience through writing and recording our debut EP; it was recorded before we had played it live so we had to translate it into that setting whilst retaining its recorded character. We carried that experience forward to our second EP and played most of the songs live before we went into the studio to record them, which I think has developed our sound.

You’ve played and had success with bands with a different sound. How much does the type of music you create reflect your state of mind and mood?

BEN - Our music is entirely self-reflective. We tend to write our music in the evening and always record vocals through the night with a bottle of red wine. It is important for us to reflect the story Ashley is telling in the sound so that they accompany one another.

The EP has been described as ‘entirely autobiographical’. Were there any topics that you really had a mental battle with - deciding whether or not you wanted to share that aspect of your life? 

ASHLEY - I didn’t really feel like there were topics I couldn’t share. Music is how I express myself so it isn’t really a case of deciding what I do and don’t want to write about, more a case of dealing with my emotions and experiences. I do however want people to find their own meanings in our songs and relate them to themselves; I think that my lyrical style is quite open to interpretation.

Did you find opening up about personal things lead to conversations between you and your family/friends but also fans that related to the lyrics?

ASHLEY - Yes. Conversations with fans are often very different to those I have with my family and friends, as the interpretations are very different. There is not much better than when I have a conversation with a fan and they tell me of how a song of ours has given them strength or guidance through a difficult time or experience, it’s amazing. For my family and friends its more of an insight into how I feel about a time in my life that we may have shared together, it leads to conversations about subjects we all know exist but will not normally discuss.

Your videos look beautiful. How important are all the visual aspects of MMX and who comes up with the majority of the ideas? What tends to inspire them?

BEN - Thank you. The visual aspects of our band are hugely important to us; it’s a continuation of our art and we are as meticulous with this side of things as we are with our music. A lot of people will see our artwork, website or photograph before they hear any of our music, it’s exciting for us as we get to be even more creative and almost create a small world you drift into whilst you listen to our music.

You listened to Radiohead, MJ, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Collins, The Smiths when you were growing up but which do you think have had most influence on what you do?

ASHLEY - In a musical sense Radiohead have probably had the biggest influence on us; they really inspired us to become more creative with a variety of instruments and synthesizers. The influence of all of the above artists also extends into the visual side of our band; we love looking back through their records and using them as inspiration to create original and engaging pieces of art to accompany our music.

I have always wondered why more bands don’t disable their comments on YouTube. Has there been any negative affect of doing so? Have any viewers resented being censored to a degree?

BEN - People have questioned why we do it but we haven’t got any negative feedback. A lot of people have actually thanked us for doing so as it means they can enjoy our music and videos without having to feel like they must defend their opinion against someone they have never met. I think people want to have physical conversations and connections through music, not through YouTube commenting.

As a band how do you cope with opinions in regards to your music or performances? Do you read reviews and tweets and how do you react to them?

ASHLEY - It’s nice to hear what people are writing about our band but we don’t tend to seek out and read reviews. Engaging with our fans is very important to us; we read all the tweets that we receive, good and bad, and reply to them when we can.

You’ve played some big festivals already this summer. How have they prepped you for your Reading and Leeds performance?

ASHLEY - They’ve been great for us; it’s been interesting to see how our music goes down with a festival crowd. They’ve mainly helped with putting together the set list; our next single, which will be out before Reading and Leeds, is a song that we’ve been playing for a few months now and goes down very well.

You’ve spoken about perhaps wanting to work with Jessie Ware. If you could pick anyone on the R and L line up to collaborate with whom would it be?

BEN - As we’ve said before it would have to be someone we could do something different with. We could go down the dance route and see what would happen with Sub Focus? If it was to work on a song of ours though, Lucy Rose has a beautiful voice and having listened to her album is a seemingly brilliant songwriter. We choose her.

 Can you sum up what you hope your performance will be like in one sentence?

BEN - A successful start to everyone’s Reading and Leeds weekend.

Tell me something you’ve not told another interviewer....

BEN - We occasionally watch Blue Planet when we’re writing.


Interview with Jason Newsted for Hit The Floor

Jason Newsted is one badass bassist. Known as an integral ingredient of Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod and Ozzy Osbournes touring band, this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is one of metals bonafide legends. And now the six time Grammy award winner has found front of stage with his brand new metal ferocious foursome, Newsted.

Sophie Eggleton headed down to the iconic 100 Club in London to chat to Jason, prior to his intimate show, to chat about the debut full length, the it does what it says on the tin - 'Heavy Metal Music', and the relationship he has with his new bandmates including, Staind guitarist Mike Mushok.

Newsted have kindly offered up plenty of opportunities to experience their shred heavy stage show including Download Festival and Megadeth's formidable Gigantour. Be sure to witness this new metal madness, you won't regret it!

Check out more from Newsted here - http://newstedheavymetal.com/

Reading and Leeds Must See Act - The Family Rain

It is just a month to go till Reading and Leeds Festival, so for the next four weeks I will be interviewing some of the top new bands you should check out when you're there! First up the Walter brothers from Bath....

I see that you have just filmed the video for Reason to Die. Can you give us a clue to the treatment?

Yea it was filmed using this mad technology which should allow viewers to move the camera around whilst watching...it should be pretty mind blowing.

Are you any closer to working with Wes Anderson?

Haha not yet unfortunately, we will hopefully be fully fledged members of team Zizzou soon enough.

If you were to assign film characters to each of you, what roles would be most fitting ?

Tim- It's an easy answer for me, I would be Mr Andy Dufrain. Shawshank is magic.

Will-Butch Cassidy leader of the hole in the wall gang!

Ollie-Mogli I'd just hang out with Bageeeeera

You have described the album as having a theme of ‘sadness of hindsight wrapped in hope.’ Is it generally about romantic relationships or about life in general?

Both. Allot of the meanings are hidden in imagery it's something all of our favourite lyricists do, and also allows people to form their own meaning for a song.

Are you guys extremely honest lyrically, or do you hold some bits back? (does this go for your interview answers too)

As I said we don't write in black and white but the song meanings are evident if you read between the lines, and in interviews all sensible questions are answered sensibly, and terrible questions will be dealt with accordingly. Ha

I know I don’t share all my emotional stuff with my brother, so is it ever embarrassing baring really deep or personal stuff for song ideas? Same goes when you bring an idea to a producer you don’t know well..?

I think it's something you start of pretty bad at and gradually come around to, you realise after a while you need to communicate these emotions for the song to carry any weight. So after doing it for so long we are now pretty comfortable opening up.

You worked in Berlin with Jim Abbiss who has worked with Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian to name just a few. Did you try your best to get some good stories from him work with the aforementioned? From working with him what have you worked out to be his formula for success?

Ha ,we tried not to ask about to much, but Jim is pretty open about stuff anyway . We learned loads from working with him, the main thing he did was work,  re-work and analyze a song, try push it further with arrangements etc. also he works on impulse, if we weren't feeling the rhythm or movement of a song we wouldn't run with it, we all took that on during the making of the album and its something we will take away, to trust gut instinct .

I’m sure you can be more honest with brothers than any other type of band-mate, but do you ever need to go to someone outside of the family to give their opinion or to help solve an argument?

We usually work out what we like between the three of us. we do have a few good friends who we go to for advise, also some of our closest friends are not that into alternative music so it's nice to ask their opinion on stuff, it keeps you grounded.

Your future tour buddies Miles Kane and Jake Bugg have been somewhat adopted by the fashion industry for their mod/retro/indie style. How important is style to you? How would you describe yours?

Style has always been very important to us. I would describe this seasons 'Family Rain clothing choice' as somewhere between Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters and Brits abroad.

You have some praised the work of Jake Bugg in numerous interviews and now you are touring with him. He appears to be trying to strip things back a bit and give that authentic live sound on record (rather than overproduced slickness). Is this something you share?

Yea, it's just great that in 2013 a kid with a guitar is writing hit records. We are stoked to be on the tour. And yes we do prefer to record raw live sounding tracks. It's a more honest way to do things.

If you were told you could never listen to a hip hop record again, or you could never listen to a rock album again... which would you pick?

I plead the fifth amendment

You’ve played some festival already this summer, how have they prepared you for your Reading and Leeds performance?

Its a whole different ball game at festivals. Certain songs defiantly work better on festival stages and you can only work that out by playing them. It's mainly about making sure you have a good time, if you're not having fun the crowed definitely won't be.

What is your favourite Reading and Leeds memory?

Unfortunately we have never had the money to get to either festival in the past. That goes for a lot of the festivals. So getting the chance to play and hang around to watch other bands is pretty sweet.

Who will you be hoping to buddy up with on the day?

We are looking forward to catching up with the Deap Vally girls they are always a good laugh.

Who would you most like to see watching you side of stage and why?

The monitor engineer...

Have you planned anything special for your R and L performance? (cover/production/guest appearances)

We facebooked Keith Richards about a collaboration...he hasn't got back to us yet!!

What set you will make sure you catch that weekend?

Peace, they are a nice bunch of lads and we STILL haven't seem them live.
Tell me something that you haven’t told another interviewer!

Kate Middleton has just given birth to my baby.


Tour Dates
12th   2000 Trees       Cheltenham
13th   Hyde Park (w/The Rolling Stones)   London
18th   Montreux Jazz Festival     Switzerland
19th   Truck Festival      Steventon
23rd   Mallorca Rocks (w/Biffy Clyro)   Mallorca
24th   Ibiza Rocks (w/Biffy Clyro)    Ibiza
26th   Lounge On The Farm     Canterbury
27th   Secret Garden Party     Huntingdon

11th   Summerwell Festival     Romania
16th   Soundrive Festival     Poland
17th   Pukkelpop Festival     Belgium
23rd   Leeds Festival (Festival Republic stage)  Leeds
25th   Reading Festival (Festival Republic stage) Reading

7th   Freedom Festival      Hull
26th   Pyramid (w/Miles Kane)    Portsmouth
27th   O2 Academy (w/Miles Kane)    Leeds
28th   Academy 1 (w/Miles Kane)    Manchester
28th   Ringmaster Festival early show   Worcestershire
30th   Barrowland (w/Miles Kane)    Glasgow

1st   O2 Academy (w/Miles Kane)    Newcastle
3rd   Rock City (w/Miles Kane)    Nottingham
4th   HMV Institute (w/Miles Kane)    Birmingham
5th   O2 Academy (w/Miles Kane)    Sheffield
7th   UEA (w/Miles Kane)     Norwich
8th   University main room (w/Miles Kane)  Hull
9th   O2 Academy 1 (w/Miles Kane)   Bristol
11th   Brixton Academy (w/Miles Kane)   London
18th   Mama Festival @ O'Sullivans    Paris
19th   BIC (w/Jake Bugg)     Bournemouth
20th   Pavilions (w/Jake Bugg)    Plymouth
22nd   Brighton Centre (w/Jake Bugg)   Brighton
23rd   Brixton Academy (w/Jake Bugg)   London
27th   Oasis (w/Jake Bugg)     Swindon
28th   Academy (w/Jake Bugg)    Birmingham
29th   Academy (w/Jake Bugg)    Birmingham
31st   Academy (w/Jake Bugg)    Glasgow

1st   Academy (w/Jake Bugg)    Glasgow
2nd   Dome (w/Jake Bugg)     Doncaster
6th   Apollo (w/Jake Bugg)     Manchester
7th   Apollo (w/Jake Bugg)     Manchester
9th   Dome (w/Jake Bugg)     Doncaster
10th   Academy (w/Jake Bugg)    Birmingham
12th   Empress Ballroom (w/Jake Bugg)   Blackpool
13th   Apollo (w/Jake Bugg)     Manchester
14th   Queens Social      Sheffield
15th   Reds Bar       Newcastle
17th   King Tuts       Glasgow
18th   Ruby Lounge      Manchester
19th   Brudenell Social Club     Leeds
20th   O2 Academy      Oxford
22nd   Komedia       Bath
23rd   The Library @ The Institute    Birmingham
24th   Rescue Rooms      Nottingham
25th   Heaven       London
26th   Concorde 2       Brighton
27th   Joiners       Southampton
28th   Thekla       Bristol


Friday, 19 July 2013

Cool Runnings....

To be honest exercise isn't really on my agenda right now. I'd say it was because it is too darn hot to be trying to make myself even sweatier... but let's face it I am just making excuses, I'm just not in a keep fit mood at the moment. 

That said, my friends are putting me to shame, doing marathons, treks and various honorable charity runs. I know they'd be extremely excited about the following opportunity for exercise...

You can race against the clock UP the Olympic bobsleigh track in la Plagne... yes really!

You can test your stamina and speed this summer by racing up the 1.5km Olympic bobsleigh track. Race against the clock over 120 metres of sheer inclines and extended bends up the steep concrete course. Whether you’re a keen runner or cyclist this is an opportunity not to be missed as 

There are a variety of categories to enter with FREE registration.

For more information please visit:

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Voted ‘Best Festival’ at the NME Awards, this year’s Reading & Leeds Festivals have made it their mission to create their best event yet! The 2013 line-up includes exclusive UK festival performances from headliners Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro, plus exclusive appearances from Fall Out Boy, System of A Down, Deftones, Skrillex and more....

Now Relentless Energy Drink have just sent over the news that Zane Lowe, Mike Skinner, Feed Me plus an extra special guest will headline The Relentless Stage at Leeds Festival 2013. As the only outdoor stage open to the public on Thursday night, watch out for a special announcement on the headliner coming soon. This best way to ease/thrash your way into your Leeds weekend!
Taking pride of place in the new wooded area of the festival site, The Relentless Stage will deliver a late night party through to Sunday night; keeping the Leeds Festival revelers energized till the teeny tiny hours.

Following his ten year anniversary as a primetime Radio 1 DJ in June, Relentless Energy artist Zane Lowe is set to shake the foundations of The Relentless Stage. Providing the soundtrack to the festival summer, Zane teams up with Relentless to provide his trademark mix of alternative rock, hip-hop and heavy club joints that are sure to keep crowds moving.

Arguably the biggest news from Leeds HQ is that after many high profile years as The Streets and a healthy career as a collaborator under his belt, Mike Skinner is ready to impress the Leeds audiences on The Relentless Stage in his role of a highly acclaimed DJ. With a head bopping mix of underground dance, UK garage, reggae and his own VIP edits of classic house and hip-hop; Mike’s set will provide the perfect late night soundtrack.

Last but not least, mau5trap’s Feed Me will be hot-stepping over the Pennines from his Creamfields main-stage set to draw Leeds Festival 2013 to a close. With his slew of heavy-bass electronic sounds we expect him to end with the finale that makes The Relentless Stage an unforgettable part of the festival.

Keep those eyes and ears peeled as a supporting line-up of the UK’s hottest new talent will be announced shortly, as well as the extra special headliner for Thursday night.

For the full Leeds Festival 2013 line-up and further information visit - www.leedsfestival.com

For more information on Relentless Energy Drink visit – www.relentlessenergy.com

Special Guest
Mike Skinner – DJ Set
Zane Lowe
Feed Me


Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer Make - Up - My Hot Picks

Max Factor The Wild Collection including WILD Mega Volume mascara £6.99, Shadow Pots  £4.99 and out-there Shadow Gel pencils £5.99
Eylure Dybrow Kit £7.14
Artistry Creme Lip Colours £14
Dior Birds of Paradise 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow £40
Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva £3.19
Clinique Super Balanced Makeup £21.50
Barry M Gelly Nails £3.99
Clarin's Fix ' Makeup £22
RiRi Loves Mac Powder Blush Duo £20


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Interview with Hoodlums

Can you give me a potted history of your formation....?

Young dreamer Lou Vainglorious leaves his home town of Southend in search of musical adventures and haircut acceptance in the big city. After much experimentation and various line ups a band called HOODLUMS exist no longer only in his imagination.

One of your mutual loves is Prince. He is an artist renowned for his sexiness (sexual lyrics/videos/performance too). Do you think there should always be an element of ‘sexy’ in music and do you think you bring it?

These days I’m less concerned with Prince’s sexiness or anyone else’s for that matter, I honestly connected with Prince because of his musical ability, and thirst for experimentation. My favourite lyrics of his are for tracks like Sign O The Times and The Cross......they are not really sexy, they are just amazing, soulful, sad and otherworldly songs.

I do indeed enjoy sexy music but I don’t often want to deconstruct it and consciously apply it to our work.

Performers like Brett Anderson and Robert Smith, who I know you are fans of, had a mystery about them - to many they were weird and androgynous. What about your band will keep people guessing and keep them intrigued?

Aside from anything in the songs - vertical hair, shyness and an abundance of nervous energy seem to be working a dream. Seriously though I don’t think we want to give everything away right now, I like people to connect with the music and the live show in the first instance.

Will you try to maintain an aspect of mystery as your press team increase your interview and social media duties?

I would imagine as our profile build’s I’ll slowly loosen my grip on reality/media duties just like most of my hero’s but its difficult to speculate at this stage?  I’m prone to speaking my mind!

You have played some of London’s greatest  small venues , The Barfly, Queen of Hoxton etc. But you are now getting more and more opportunities to play the larger ones too. Having experienced both have you decided to ensure you will always make a point of still playing those intimate sweaty venues?

Of course, I love the small shows as much as the big ones but for different reasons.

Smaller venues and promoters have been good to us over the last few years and it would be great to be able to pay that back to them as our profile builds. That scene is very important to British music and needs to be supported by bands and fans alike

There’s no other ethos apart from having fun and playing with passion. It’s a privilege to perform with this band at all times and I’ve got a bottomless pit of enthusiasm and energy for it.

From watching the Anything Goes video you don’t appear to mind moving about and gesturing while you perform. How would you describe what you do live?

Rehearsed intuition is how I like to think about it. I move, sing and play without thinking when its at its most effective, but it takes a great deal of experience before you can switch off and let the performance happen. The band are such committed and talented musicians too it’s sometimes easy to feel invincible onstage.

How important is style and visuals be to you?

I never think of myself or the band as being ‘stylish’ in the obvious sense of the word but we definitely love clothes. I’ve always believed that you can look unique or even iconic onstage by wearing some pretty ridiculous stuff. I’ve got clothes I brought from charity shops when I was 15 that I still wear.

As for HOODLUMS visuals we all really care about those, I personally designed our score logo by hand with spraypaint and our guitarist Tino made some pretty un nerving rorschach images for the front cover of our ‘Virtue’ EP.

The first bite is with the eye.

Bands of many different genres are opting to add a key/synth member to their line up. Do you believe this is purely to add another dimension and layer, or do you think people are yearning for a past era of music?

I can’t speak for other bands but for us its definitely not a retro thing, if anything it was a way for us to experiment further with atmospherics and texture’s within the parameters of rock and roll. We all love electronic music, from Boards Of Canada to John Hopkins but we also love stuff as organic and direct as Queens Of The Stone Age and Kurt Vile.

The release of your EP ‘Virtue’ is drawing near. I imagine it has been a labour of love. How are you feeling ahead of the release?

We are just super excited to be at this point and be able to release some new music. We also have an album nearly finished which we will be putting the finishing touches too after the tour. The EP is kind of a indicator of what’s to come from HOODLUMS.

We’ve definitely found our sound and that’s taken a years to achieve. I guess you’re kind of written off in the music industry if you’ve been around for a while and not blown up but historically most significant bands have walked that path.....from REM, The Stone Roses, Suede, Nirvana, Oasis to The Libertines.

Are there any lyrics, themes or tales in the songs you are apprehensive about putting out there?

I was a quite gloomy lyricist in my formative years and a lot of that had to do with being poor, unemployed and not having an obvious place in society. Now the majority of the album is done I can see that’s no longer the case, there is a more hopefully and aspirational quality to these songs.

I think a lot of that has been born out of trying to make this band work and staying a gang despite the problems the country and indeed the music industry is having.

As unfashionable as it sounds the record is about never giving up, not losing your ideals or identity in a society that is becoming ever more cut throat. That may not be the coolest notion, but I think determination and hope are two things HOODLUMS want to put out there.

As a band what is your mission. To simply make music you like, music for others, make statements, shock, get the party going....?

We want to give people an escape on record and a release at our show’s. We want to perpetuate positivity, togetherness, sensitivity and empowerment with our music and do it yourself ethos.

What do all members bring to band in terms of tastes and personalities?

It so difficult to quantify in exact terms, we all bring different things on different days depending on where our heads are at. We share music, ideas, time, and experiences together and some times the lines that separate our personalities get blured.In simple terms I write the songs and the guys filter them through their own tastes and musical ideas until they are HOODLUMS songs.

What have you learned from the bands you have supported on tour so far?

I was really impressed with the attitude that SUEDE had when we supported them at their first gig in 8 years back in 2010. It was at the100 Club and they came on and destroyed the place with venom.....it was closer to watching the pistols than something so closely associated with Britpop.

I’ve learned to accept that if you have a punk ethos deep down inside of you it doesn’t matter what you sound like.....it will come across.

On a completely different note, Keane are very close with their fanbase, it feels very much like family. I know they have put on food and drink for the fans that slept outside their gigs hoping to meet them many times. I think that really shows what lovely people they are.

Recently played on you ipod?

Child Of Lov, Flaming Lips, Kurt Vile, Jon Hopkins, St Vincent and David Byrne

Stage you’d most like to play?

I want to come home to Southend in Essex after years of graft to sell out The Cliff Pavillion. I’d play for three hours like Bruce Springsteen with a sweat band on.

Dream festival line-up?


Dream collaboration?

Quincy Jones

Guilty pleasure?

Guns and Roses – Use Your Illusion I and II

Worst habit?

Fear and Loathing in Vainglorious.

Song you wish you’d written?

Under The Westway - Blur

Hoodlums debut EP, Virtue is released on 15th July via iTunes.  For more information check out www.hoodlumsband.com 

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